Beyblade Burst Free to Play

The well-known Japanese comics (manga) Beyblade Burst have a lot of fans all over the world. This is a classical shonen manga for teenagers and boys in particular. Also, Beyblade Burst has an official toy line based on the original story. The previous series of this narrative were called Metal Fight and were created in 2015. Currently, all the existing comics about beys are united in 7 volumes.

In 2016 anime series were launched in Japan and Hasbro bought an English license for these cartoon and toys. The main character of this story is Aoi Valt, a schoolboy who takes part in the championship to become the best blader in the world. His classmates and friends take part in this tournament, too. In the first part of the show called Beyblade Burst Evolution, Aoi shows significant progress on his way and travels to Spain where he can accept a challenge and take part in the elite Spanish membership. During his first battle in Spain, Aoi realizes that his bey has a chance to evolve and therefore bring him even more success. Along with his friends, Valt obtains a chance to enter the World League but first they need to win the European cup. However, at that moment they come to know that their comrade Shu was murdered by Red Eye, one of the most powerful blade masters in the world. Will Aoi and his friends defeat the strongest enemies? Is Shu really murdered and who is that mysterious powerful blader? During the story, Valt and his friends will face a lot of challenges and unexpected turns.

The next arc of the story is called Beyblade Burst Turbo. The events happen 2 years after the largest Blader Cup and mostly focus on the other character – Akaba Aiga. He is a so-called Mowgli, a child who grew up in the wild. He meets Aoi and they arrange a battle between their bladers. Aiga shows himself as a weaker opponent and decides to take part in the large tournament of bladers and fight to become the number one blader in the world. His bey is called Z Achilles and Aiga train him to master the art of fighting. His main strategy is to find the most powerful opponents and challenge them for a fight. The main aim of such actions is not a victory but training. Dealing with powerful enemies, Aiga wants to increase his skills and become stronger. His journey starts with an ambition to win the battle with Aoi and then prove that he is the one to become the champion of the world.

The mobile game with the similar title is created as a number of battles between bladers and their fighters. You can customize your unique bey and improve its abilities in terms of attack, speed, balance, defense and other characteristics. Every bey has particular strengths and weaknesses and it is important to develop a smart strategy to make it really efficient in the battle. The game has amazing graphics and every battle scene pleases the eye with brightness and dynamics. It is your chance to appear in the world of Beyblade and try yourself as a fighter! Are you strong and courageous enough to win the main prize and become the best fighter in the world? Play it and find out!