Beyblade Burst 2

We bet that you are already familiar with the world of amazing manga Beyblade Burst. However, what about the game based on these comics? Every manga fan has always wanted to take a trip into the world of his favorite comics and feel himself as one of the characters. Well, let’s immerse into the Japanese story of bey-trainers and introduce their fantastic universe to you. Originally, Beyblade Burst is manga and an anime TV-show produced in Japan. These animated series have an interesting story that reveal important values of the main characters and simply amuse the viewers and readers with dynamic plot. Beyblade Burst didn’t gain the global popularity in one day, however, the developers launched a toy-line, that became a real virus among teenagers. Just like good old Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh, this shonen manga teaches a valuable lesson in every new part and offers fans to reflect on friendship, loyalty, duty, and other most important things in our lives. Interesting thing is that this story as well as the game became popular not only among children.

The narrative begins with Aoi, the main character, who is willing to become a Beyblade champion at any cost. The Beyblade is a battle between two opponents and namely their robots – beys. These beys look like tops that spin around and hit each other to cause maximum damage to the rival. There is also a fantastic parallel world where the tops turn into beasts and continue struggling there until the stronger one survives and the weaker one gets serious injuries. The main interest in Aoi’s life is Beyblade tournaments and he does everything to find out as much as he can about beys, fighting techniques, and tricks. His dream is to take part in the World Championship and become a Beyblade master. Aoi’s friends are also fond of beys and they stick together during their challenging way to the top. All of them keep training and learning to join the largest competition one day and win every round. This sounds almost impossible, considering the fact that there are a lot of professional and mighty fighters in the league, however, there is nothing that can stop these guys! Join the Beyblade Burst game and find yourself in the story about hard work and devotion. There you will find a lot of challenging competitions, small amusing puzzles, and even color books! This incredible game will bring you hours of delight, so grab your device and start playing today!