Beyblade Burst 3

You and other bey-trainers share the arena to find out who is the best fighter. A highly-developed robotic top will spin in the “dance of death” to defeat your opponents in the thrilling battle. But be careful – you will have to struggle against strong and skilled rivals, so blasting their beys won’t be that easy. One of the key strategies is working really hard to develop your bey and train your own moves. You will take part in numerous mini-games with a computer to test your abilities and learn new skills. Due to the Internet connection, you will be able to challenge your fellows for a battle or fight against other players on the web. Also, take your chance to gather a quartet of unique tops and train them in accordance with their basic characteristics. There is a number of level-up options and helpful details you can add to your beys and make them even stronger. Beyblade Burst is not only a really thrilling fun and awesome duels, where you can obtain scores and defeat enemies. It is also a delightful and bright title with amazing graphics that include neon elements! The physics here are mild and look naturally, too. So train your bey, struggle and you will see your name on the leaderboard for sure!