Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero

Now you can play Beyblade Burst both in real life and on your tablet or mobile phone! The super-thrilling battles are waiting for you and your friends in the new game based on the manga comics about Aoi and his classmates. They are willing to become the mightiest bey-trainers in the world and do their best to fight against the rivals on the battle-arena. The moves and skills of your robot-toy called bey are realistic and dynamic, your only aim is to develop them as much as you can and defeat your enemies. Every new battle is your chance to level up, so be daring and accept the challenges from the opponents that are stronger than you. This way, you will train your top more efficiently and test your existing abilities. When you move on, you have an opportunity to choose which skills of your bey to develop. Pay attention to the specific characteristics of your robot and your unique way of fighting. Also, you will gather a whole collection of 4 different tops and use this killing arsenal to destroy the strongest enemies on the battlefield.

By the way, there amazing additional features like Joy-Con and Switch. Due to the first one, you will throw your top just the way you do in the reality: choose the right angle, fix, and blast! When your top collides the top of your opponent, the struggle begins! Destroy the rival’s bey using your super attacks and move higher on the board of leaders. As for the Switch feature, it provides you with an opportunity to continue fighting wherever you are! All moves are represented in Switch naturally and their dynamics is as intensive as you have expected. You will meet about 50 heroes in the game, including Aoi and Akaba. As for the beys, there are dozens of them to discover! This also includes the brand new models as well as endless customization options!