Beyblade Burst Evolution

The mobile application Beyblade Burst Evolution is a colorful and brightly-designed action game. The gameplay is based on the face to face battles between players and their spinning robots, that look like tech-heavy whipping-tops. Every player can gather a quartet of such robots and train them to become a stronger competitor. The robots are unique and have a number of individual characteristics in defense, attack, balance, speed, stability, etc. There are also additional abilities empowered by defensive armor that can defend a robot from enemy’s strikes and perform super attacks. Players are encouraged to increase the abilities of their robots before they send them to the arena. To train your fighter, you have to pass a number of simple but pretty enjoyable mini-games. When the battle round starts, you will control your robot, spinning around and doing your best to defeat the opponent, causing maximal damage to him.

Every player can customize his own icon and make the robot personalized. Also, make sure that you work on upgrading your robot constantly to level up and become the mightiest champion. The system of improvements is vast and therefore you will become stronger while you play, win the struggles, and obtain new items. The Internet connection allows you to play with other people from all over the globe or call your friends to join the game. Also, you will participate in the battles with computer, which is a great way to improve your skills. However, competing the real players that are currently on the server is much more entertaining and interesting. Colorful graphics include neon shades and smooth animation, as well as fantastically arranged fighting arenas and a range of special effects. The number of available robots is large, which makes you more thoughtful about the gameplay and the way you develop your fighting strategies. The dynamics and storyline make Beyblade something more than just a fighting game and we bet that this title will appeal to every manga fan!