Beyblade Burst for Android

Check out the Beyblade Burst game and have a chance to take part in the epic story! Get yourself a strong fighter and work hard to train him because this is the only way to become a real champion of the world. The story behind Beyblade Burst is based on the manga with the same name. Teenagers from all over the globe take part in the battles arranged between their high-tech robots and move further to appear in the most prestige leagues. The main character Aoi and his friends will go through a lot of challenges and surprises during their way to the world cup. Due to this game, you can try yourself as a bey-trainer and fighter in the real life! Surely, this is an exciting adventure to take part in.

Also, the game has amazingly smooth and colorful design. The fights look really great and special effects are absolutely thrilling. Every bey has its own unique features and super-powers, so you won’t get bored during the game. There is a level-up opportunity, so be sure that you have a plan about your bey and its skills to develop its strong sides and compensate weaknesses. You will meet the well-known heroes from the manga and TV-series as well as unexpected characters. Also, one of the best features of this game is that you have a chance to meet a lot of rare and unusual beys, most of which are created by other players. Also, you will create your own bey and prove that you are the one who can be called a real master of the battlefield. At the same time, here you will see the fights that are impossible in the same-titled manga or anime! So this is a real pleasure for dedicated fans. Call your friends to play together or join the other players from the network. There is a great deal of surprises, achievements, and secrets waiting for you in Beyblade Burst, so grab your mobile device and get ready for a real adventure!