Beyblade Burst Mobile

Gamers have another way to enjoy the incredible Beyblade Burst now! You can play beys with your friends in the real life and join the digital version of the battlefield because the mobile application is available for download. Join Aoi, Shu, Akaba and other characters you already know from manga and anime and get ready for a real adventure. You will take part in numerous battles against other players to develop your fighting tool and make your way to the most prestige competition of bladers. As in any shonen anime and manga, your aim is no smaller than becoming the best fighter in the world, so you will have to try really hard to reach it! The game allows you to pick your favorite hero and customize your bey the way you want. You and your robot-top will take part in competitions and evolve on your way to success. There are unlockable beys and features that provide you with a range of new abilities for more intense fighting. Collect a number of different tops, train them accordingly, and you will own the entire arsenal of death machines to defeat your opponents in a blink of an eye! Make sure you know everything about your bey and its special powers to level it up in the most efficient way.

By the way, inviting your friends to have battles together and compete for being the leader of the board is a freestanding pleasure. Moreover, considering the enormous fan base from all over the globe, you will always meet someone willing to have a nice fight on the server. Interacting with real players is a great gaming experience and the more you fight, the stronger you become. If you have some moves and tricks to test, make sure to take a couple of rounds against the computer and then apply them in a battle against the real rivals. Mobile version of the game provides a new type of the playing experience, since you can have fun anywhere you are, especially if you have a Switch tool. So join millions of other Beyblade Burst fans and have fun!