Beyblade Burst Turbo

Are you a manga and anime fan? Then you will like playing Beyblade Burst for sure! Immerse yourself into the world of fantastic future, where teenagers have an unusual hobby. They own battlefield robots and arrange fights among them. As a player, you will have to train your mechanism and make him evolve with every new competition. Each robot is unique and has specific superpowers, skills, and weapons. You will train your robot and make him become the strongest on the arena. The battles between robots are extremely energetic and exciting. Moreover, the more you fight, the more interesting it becomes, since your fosterling masters new techniques and grows during the game all the time. Go through a challenging way from a small rookie to a real master of the battlefield and prove that you and your robot make a perfect team. The game allows you to pick the much-loved Bey and pass the quests to win all the struggles and become the leader. You will discover a number of breathtaking struggles and unexpected enemies, gather new items and upgrade your characters, and unlock abilities that increase your chances to beat the strongest competitors on the field. So if you have enough courage and motivation to become the best blader ever, then take your Bey and let the story begin!

Beyblade Burst is available for tablets and phones, so you will be able to play your favorite game anywhere you are. Just make sure that you have an Internet connection and get ready to participate in the battles at any time. The Internet connection provides players with an opportunity to invite their friends and play together or find a rival online. Thus, playing Beyblade Burst is a real fun only if you have official merchandise at home. The game requires connection to these toys, which can be purchased in the online store. Make sure that you adjust all settings correctly and let the device’s camera scan your toy, therefore you will get a full access to an unbelievable world of bladers!