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Do you want to become the best blader in the world? Then get ready to take part in numerous challenging battles and prove everyone that you are the champion! Beyblade Burst is an exciting game app about teenagers and their tops, also known as beys. These tops are ultimate robot-fighters with unique skills and abilities. You will create your own top and train it during the game to become a better opponent. The bey will evolve with every fight you take part in. Therefore, you will have a chance to reach the highest level and become a real master. The competitions are arranged between you and your friends or other players from the server. Also, you will take part in small games with computer to test new abilities and improve your skills. The games against computer are not as enjoyable as battles with real gamers, but still they are pretty entertaining. There is a number of default tops with amazing powers to choose from. They have different characteristics and super abilities, so make sure that you choose the one that corresponds to your own fighting style. Also, don’t forget that the progress should be strongly connected to your strategy and bey’s special abilities. When you develop the particular characteristics of your top, pay special attention to its pros and cons to balance the skills. So get ready for a competition and good luck!