The game Beyblade Burst is based on the manga of the same title. This is a story of the visionary future world where people take part in unusual competitions and fight with each other to earn money for the battles. People themselves are just trainers, while the participants are small mechanisms that are carefully assembled, tested, and endowed with various weapons. As one of the participants, you want to win all the battles and become a champion. Your robot will meet numerous rivals on the arena and use his super abilities to prove that he is the strongest one. He will master various fighting styles, moves, and attacks to level up and evolve. There are more than forty characters in the game, including the most popular ones like Valt and Aiga, so players have an amazing chance to arrange battles they have never seen in manga (but always wanted). The battles in Beyblade Burst are incredibly dynamic and fierce, so you will have a really good time while you play. The game has a lot of customization options, which allows you to create a Bey of your dream and compete with other gamers from all over the world. Whether you want to bring your friends and challenge them for a battle or meet someone online – both these options are available in the game. The application is full-fledged only if you already have Beyblade Burst products, namely the official toys. The game will request an access to your camera to check the code on your items, so don’t forget to adjust the privacy settings and turn on the camera.